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January Favorites 2017

In today’s post, I thought of sharing my favorites for this month. It is a little unusual post for a food blog, but then why not. It is nice way of sharing my personal interests. I cannot promise if I will be doing this every month, but this is a start!!

I don’t have a huge list like everybody else and my favorites may not entice you as of other bloggers, but I am giving it a try. Here is the list of some of my favorites for January 2017..


Carmex Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Water Resistant Sun Screen .15 OZ (3 pack of 3 sticks, 9 sticks total)
The first item on my list is in beauty category. It is a lip balm by Carmex brand which you can find in any drugstore or grocery store. I found out about this lip balm from Kaushal’s beauty youtube channel. She mentioned it as one of her favorite lip balms. I had made a mental note of it, but never intended to buy as such. And then one day in the grocery store, I saw the lip balm by the aisle at the billing counter where they store chocolates and magazines to tempt you into buying them at the last minute. And then, I bought it to give it a try and have been buying it ever since. It comes in a little stick and also contains SPF. It has become a must have for me this winter.



The second item is a chocolate ganache supreme cake from Publix (a grocery store). My husband got this for my birthday and it has been one of the delicious cakes I have ever tasted. It is outstanding and do yourself a favor, buy it in slices (2 slices at $4.99) and not the whole cake because you are going to eat it all at once. The next time I visit, I have to keep myself away from the bakery section.

The third item is also from the food category. It is the homemade rajma masala or red beans with rice recipe, which I posted yesterday on my blog. I absolutely love this dish and so it had to be on the favorites list.



The fourth item is a holiday destination. We visited St.Augustine on the new year’s day. It is one of the oldest cities in Florida, U.S. It has beautiful Spanish architecture and a great place for a weekend getaway with family. I suggest you buy the Old Trolley tour tickets. It can be used for 3 days and have various pick up and drop points.


100 First Words (My Big Book of Lift and Learn)
The next and the last item is a children’s book. It is my 15 month old’s favorite book – 100 First Words by Tiger Tales. I had to include it in this list because my son is obsessed with this book and I have to read him three times a day before putting him into his crib. He loves lifting the flap and enjoys it when I describe the picture to him.

Well, this is all I have for this month.

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