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February Favorites 2017

The monthly favorites tag is kind of fun.

I don’t want to dedicate this tag to just items, but also to memories and activities. It could be little things like eating breakfast with my family at Firstwatch or my son trying to imitate us. Small little memories that get lost just like that.

Gardening : This month I spent quite sometime on gardening. Most of it is still in containers and have started to sprout. It’s nice to watch how a seed becomes a plant and then they flower and give us veggies:-) Some of the seeds that I sowed this month – okra, eggplant, beets, radish, bush beans, dill, fenugreek leaves and cilantro. I plan to post pictures on Instagram (mustardplates) on the progress of these plants, in case you are interested.

Healthy Banana Bread has been the most popular recipe for the month of February. It’s a no sugar recipe and there is oats flour, whole wheat flour, almond, walnut and bran too. I slice and freeze these and my son enjoys it for his snacks.

Breakfast at Firswatch : The last weekend, we headed to Firstwatch for breakfast, for the first time :-).

I had ‘Tri Athlete’ – Egg white omelet with house-roasted Crimini mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and green chilies. Served with housemade salsa, an artisan bread and fresh fruit.

My husband had ‘Frittata Rustica’ – classic Italian-style omelet with kale, house-roasted Crimini mushrooms, onions and tomatoes topped with Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese_ Served with ciabatta toast.

I personally liked Frittata Rustica 🙂

IPhone7 : Yes… My first Apple Iphone .. How could I forget it:-)

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