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5 DIY Activities for Toddlers 15 months

This week was very tiring. Nausea, fatigue and body ache brought in by the monthly cycle just made everything worse and left me with no energy to create or post any recipe. Most of my time was spent watching Arrow on Netflix and ofcourse watching my toddler. One of the things you forego after becoming a mother is giving up on rest even when you are sick.

These are the times I miss my mom the most when everything was served at bed and she would constantly keep a check on me every few hours. I guess it is just the simple care that matters the most. Just asking ‘are you feeling better?’.

Anyways, I am feeling good now and this post is not about my health. I wanted to share some of the simple DIY activities that are cheap and will keep your little toddler busy. Just another opportunity for the curious minds to explore a little more.

My son is 17 months old and is very curious. He has a short attention span and getting him to do something is nearly impossible. He has a mind of his own and only does what he really likes. Below are some of the activities I have been doing with him lately and although not everything is a success, it is nice to expose him to different activities beyond the toys.

As always, be with your child at all times and guide them.

Scooping and/or Transferring activity

15 month toddler DIY activities

Take two bowls fill one bowl with pom-poms. Using a spoon, scoop and transfer the pom-poms to another bowl. In the image, I have used an ice cube tray to make the task challenging.

This is my son’s favorite activity. Initially, I used shell pasta instead of pom-poms to scoop and transfer from one bowl to another. He loved it and still loves it. But once he was tired with the activity, he would start throwing the pasta all over and the house was a mess. So, I recently bought some pom-poms from Dollar Tree for $1. In a pinch, you can use kidney beans or even water.

Be with your child at all times as kids are prone to put tiny things into their mouth or ears.

Q-tip in jar15 month toddler DIY activities

Kids love anything with jars, boxes and containers.

Take an empty plastic container – yogurt, nut butter, etc. Make some holes using an xacto knife and show your toddler how to insert the Q-tip through the holes.

You can use straws or ice cream sticks or even small lids instead of Q-tips and make the holes accordingly.

Paint in ziplock

15 month toddler DIY activities

Take a ziplock bag and put 2-3 different bright colors. Seal the bag and tape it firmly to the wall, window or floor with duct tape. Show your toddler to move the paint with his fingers.

I have stuck the ziplock to the patio door and my son likes to play with it for few minutes once or twice a day. Although it does not hold his interest for long, it’s nice for him to try something new and is mess free for me.

 Sensory Items in Balloons

15 month toddler DIY activities

Take a few balloons and fill it with materials of different textures like beans, gel, sand, flour, and water. You need not blow the balloon. Just fill with items, make a knot and let your toddler feel the texture.

This is one activity which my son does not like. He hates the touch of balloon and finds it yucky. I can understand his aversion since I am myself not much into slimy and jello-ey type of textures.

Pom-Poms through paper towel cardboard roll

15 month toddler DIY activities

Take the roll and stick it to the wall or the side of a table with duct tape. Show your toddler to put pom-poms through the top and watch it come down. They will get super excited.

If you do not have a roll, just cut the bottom of an empty plastic bottle. If the bottle has wide opening, you can use blocks or spoons to put inside.

My son loves this activity. But I need to be beside him giving each pom-pom one after the another:-)

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